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"Find someone who" Ice breaker

Students are given a paper (linkmbelow) and told to go find another student who meets the criteria.

Example: Find someone who has been to another country.

This is a good way to get students talking to each other and asking basic questions in English. Recommended for Native English and GBS classes.
Find Someone Who

By Molly

Games & Ideas

The ice-breakers below were shared by Andrea Tavares, a SCH teacher in 2011:

Communicative Activities (PDF textbook) – lots of great activities to photocopy

Photo Scavenger Hunt (by Ian)

I give students in my Native English 1 class this scavenger hunt on the first or second day of class. The objective is to get them speaking to each other in Korean outside my view so that they can form bonds with each other and lower the “affective barrier” in class.

After I give the paper and go over it, I release the students in teams of about six to go take the photos. It's important that each photo includes everyone in the group except the photographer (this prevents them from splitting up). If you have a computer and projector in the class you can start the next class by showing everyone's photos and having a chat about them.

I think it might be a good idea if we only use this for Native English 1 (or its analogue in specific majors like Medical or Nursing) so that students aren't asked to do the same hunt with the same clues in different classes. Of course, you could change the clues and do it for another class!


Other First Class Stuff

Classroom Translations

Tom created this and I modified it for my classes (molly). This sheet below (+ answer key) can be a handy, easy, first or second class homework assignment. Some of the vocab might go hand-in-hand with your syllabus. I adapted this for composition classes, so that's why there's a focus on parts of speech and punctuation, but it could still be useful if you have grammar lessons or need to explain you said “two paragraphs” for homework, not “two sentences” – happens frequently. The questions come in really handy, too, so I ask Ss to keep this paper with them so they can refer to it.



First Week Attendance Paper

There are no official attendance files the first week, so if you want to keep track of students (see who adds and drops, what majors you have, etc.) you can use a sign-up for the first week. Not necessary - just if you want to. attendance_paper.docx

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